Rockaway Beach sunrise, Oregon

Aerial Photography

Why use Rabbit Hole?


We are insured over $1 million. We fly protected for your peace of mind.

Airspace Simplified

We handle clearances and requests to airports to fly in restricted airspace.

FAA Certified

We are FAA Part 107 certified, a requirement for commercial drone use. This ensures our pilots fly legally and safely.

Quick Turnaround

We make sure your deliverables are delivered on time. Typical turnaround is 24-48 hours depending on project scope.

We are awesome

Seriously. We care about the work we do and love helping people further their projects.

Real Estate Aerial Services

Aerial images offer new ways to showcase properties to potential buyers.  It helps the customer get a feeling for the surroundings around the home, and help give unique angles not normally seen from the ground level.  Highlight the best features of the home, and stand out from the crowd!

Aerial images are also useful for showing commercial/retail properties to customers the location of the property and if it suits their needs.   Potential customers want to see every square inch of the property before purchasing.  We have the ability to produce 2D maps and 3D models of properties which can be used in marketing materials for these discerning buyers. 

OMSI and USS Blueback

Roof Services

Work crew safety is always the priority of any business.    Any time you can get the job done without putting your crew in harm's way is a win-win.   We help roofers and construction crews get the data and information they need accurately and safely.   Be updated shots for insurance/investors, estimating for a job,  or your own marketing needs we want to help.

From the ground, we can inspect your clients roof for damage with a view not able to be seen by getting up on a ladder.  We bring survey-grade reports that show square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, slope, and 3D modeling.  

Before and after images also gives your customer bragging rights to potential clients.   Not only does the customer have something visual to show their friends and family, but it also supports your reputation.

OMSI Clerestory and Atrium inspection

OMSI Clerestory and Atrium inspection

OMSI and I worked together to get photos of their clerestory. This clerestory sits atop the turbine hall, which is a historical building. These photos will help OMSI show the Oregon Historical Society that permission is needed to repair the roof.


Drone photography improves surveying and planning capabilities will also set you apart from the competition.  From the bidding process to completion aerial imagery gives you an edge.

-Easily capture site information to keep your crew and customers up to date on project status.

-Make bidding more efficient with aerial surveying and simplify pre-construction site planning

-Assists in resolving disputes by having a visual record

-Monitor progress of subcontractors

-Have more efficient planning and logistics information

-Impress customers

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